Triple A Clean Out & Junk Removal is a full service junk removal and moving company which also specializes in exterior property clean up operating in Salem, Massachusetts. They provide complete full service junk removal for any kind of property, whether it is a commercial or residential property. They also provide complete demolition for residential homes.

Specialized Junk Removal

Triple A Clean Out & Junk Removal arrives at the appointed time ready to remove clutter from any space their client has selected. There is no limit on how much junk they will remove, or on how little they will remove. From entire office spaces to a single old couch, to the complete demolition of a home and removal of all its contents, they will remove it all with exacting professionalism, and they will not leave a mess when they are finished.

A+ Exterior Property Clean Up

For this company exterior property cleaning does not just mean removing dumpsters and trash bags. If debris, branches, or other junk is inside of a yard, they will remove it and rack the yard to make sure they did not miss anything. Once they are finished with this process, if there are nasty weeds affecting the beauty of a yard, they will remove them. In addition to this service, they will also beautify dirty porches and decks as part of their exterior property cleaning service.

No junk removal company is complete without also acting as a moving company as well. There are no surprise fees with this company. There is only a set hourly rate for anything less than 50-miles on a round trip.